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The importance of proper water mitigation and drying out

Water damage is a serious problem that can cause significant damage to your home or business. If left unmitigated, water damage can quickly lead to mold growth, structural damage, and other costly issues. That’s why it’s imperative to take action as soon as possible. Residential and Commercial Water damage can leave you in a position where you’re not sure what to do. Not only is your home or property potentially impacted by the water itself, but there may be a variety of other issues present, not to mention potential health hazards such as toxic mold that can develop quickly.


An important step you need to take before you begin the water mitigation and reconstruction process is making sure that the structure is adequately dried out. While a burst pipe, or flood can cause significant damage in just seconds, the drying process can be a lot more drawn out and is extremely important.

Water damage restoration is a multi-step process that involves assessing the damage, finding the source of the water, removing any excess water, drying out the affected area, cleaning, sanitizing, and repairing and restoring. At Tri-State Maintenance Group, our technicians are highly trained and have all the necessary equipment to ensure that your property is dried out correctly before starting the water damage restoration and reconstruction process at your home or business in Metro Atlanta, GA.


Potential health hazards can arise from standing water and create an unsafe environment for you and restoration professionals to work in. To ensure safety and minimize health risks, follow the steps listed below:

  • Turn off power to your home or commercial building

  • Check for gas odors or leakage

  • Determine if the building is structurally sound

For smaller water damage confined to one area or one room, this step can be skipped. Take photos of the room for insurance purposes before beginning the drying process. For commercial or residential water mitigation services in Metro Atlanta, GA, contact TSMG.


During the actual process of drying, it’s crucial to be thorough. There are many things beyond what you may see at first that can potentially retain water. To start, you should open the windows in your home or business in order to have natural airflow, but our water mitigation team in Metro Atlanta, GA, will bring in the necessary equipment to help in this process. Air movers are giant fans that help to circulate airflow throughout the room. Dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture from the air to prevent mold from growing after the initial cleanup and will serve a similar purpose during the dry-out phase. In addition, keeping the environment dry minimizes the chance of your floors or furniture swelling or warping.

It is important to take the time to look at every portion of the affected areas for moisture. Checking the insulation, molding, backboards, and wallpaper that are all going to need to be removed in order to get rid of trapped moisture. Other extreme but necessary methods may include drilling holes into the drywall in order to help them dry out faster. The Tri-State Maintenance Group water mitigation crew will make sure to check every area for potential moisture and mitigate it properly.

The final piece of the dry-out process is containment. Wet areas in your home or business will be taped off while drying is going on to ensure that heat and suction are going to the rooms that need it most. Our water mitigation and dry-out crew will also check the surfaces as well as readings to see how well the drying is progressing.

There are a lot of different working parts to a dry-out, and doing so properly is essential to making sure that your home or business isn’t permanently damaged. The ideal way to do this is to make sure that you have professional help and support with Water Mitigation services in Atlanta, GA, and that means working with TSMG.

At Tri-State Maintenance Group, we provide professional and timely water mitigation and mold remediation services to Blue Ridge, Helen, Dahlonega, Jasper, Ellijay, Gainesville, Buford, Cumming, Lawrenceville, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Riverdale, Douglasville, Villa Rica, Carrolton, Peachtree City, Griffin, Stone Mountain, Northwest GA and Metro Atlanta Areas. Contact us today if you need water mitigation services at your property!


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